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Love Tokens Laughing Buddha Necklace

Love Tokens Jewelry is an excellent addition to the western wear industry with their roughing details and natural style. It features a gorgeous strand of large white pearls embellished with a sterling silver Hotei (laughing/lucky Buddha) charm and a knotted piece of leather. The necklace band measures 20" long with an over all length of 22", and can fit over most necks without the use of clasp. Pairs well with other Love Tokens jewelry.

Love Tokens Jewelry is made by designer Stacey Graffenreid, and with the help of her husband Chris, they run the company out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Beaded with semi-precious gemstones and pearls, the hand-knotted jewelry features hand-cast metals, as well as antique pendants and trinkets that Stacey has collected during her world travels, making each piece one-of-a-kind!
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