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Fabulous Furs Deluxe Faux Fur Ice Scraper

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Treat your hands to our Cheetah Deluxe Ice Scraper! Never again will the sleeves of your beautiful coat drag through the grey slush residing on your car's windows as you scrape frost from the windshield with a credit card! Forget cursing the cold as bare-handed, you brush fresh snow from car windows because your gloves are nowhere to be found. Enter our fabulously fun Cheetah Ice Scraper with a fur cover, brush AND scraper! Measuring 25" in overall length, you'll easily tackle that snow-covered SUV, with hands toasty warm inside the fur cover, saving costly gloves and clothing from grimy slush. Perfect for gifting, recipients will think fondly of you with each cozy use!

• Hemmed at top and bottom
• Hand fits comfortably inside
• Comes with Black ice scraper/brush
• Spot Clean With Cold Damp Cloth
• Faux Fur: 100% Acrylic Pile, 100% Polyester Back
• Scraper: 100% AVS Plastic
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