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Full-Time Manager on Duty (MOD) [Posted: October 30, 2018]

We are looking for a talented Manager on Duty to join our sales team! The ideal candidate will have an enthusiastic personality and a strong orientation with customer service/sales.Please carefully review the details of the job below and if you believe you are a good fit for this position please email your resume to, or come in to the store to fill out an application.

Personal Qualities:

• A proven ability to plan, organize, control and administer
• A proven ability to secure acceptance of programs by subordinates
• A proven ability to motivate others to action and function in a team environment without causing a dampening of the individual spirit and drive
• Recognition of the driving force of individual incentives and the application of incentives to cause super stars to excel
• A proven ability to use good judgement, resourcefulness and tact
• Human relations-orientation emphasizing interest in helping others to be successful and satisfied in their work
• Personality and enthusiasm that motives others to do their personal best
• An ability to maintain total objectivity and consequently, compatibility, with subordinates
• An ability to approach problems with an open mind, flexible and without preconceived negative attitude
• An ability to listen and define problems
• An ability to analyze problems and seek alternative solutions
• An ability to communicate both the positive and/or negative consequences of managerial decisions so that subordinates have full feedback for future planning
• A high standard of personal and business ethics
• An ability to set a good example for the team by utilizing strong selling skills

Responsibilities of Daily Operations:

• Assign opening duties to sales associates and oversee completion
• Calculate daily goal
• Count change drawers and balance

• Supervise customer service. Ensure all customers are being greeted and engaged. Ensure selling is coming before tasking.
• Set the example in salesmanship by achieving your individual sales goal each month to earn 1.5% in individual bonus, as well as work on the team to achieve store sales plan and .5% team bonus.
• Supervise sales associates with daily area checklist, and redirect as needed. Coordinate floor activities with merchandise managers.
• Oversee that all areas are checked for backstock daily and that new apparel is being steamed
• Ensure new merchandise is brought to the floor in a timely manner and brands are being placed together
• Ensure employees are reclothing displays properly and straightening them when they must remove clothing or other items from the display
• Ensure display storage areas are organized and staying that way
• Check voicemail daily and turn off night ring
• Oversee register transactions are being completed properly

• Write tardy, absentee and counseling forms when necessary
• Schedule lunches and coordinate with other managers so that there is always a manager on the premises
• Assist with onboarding of new hires
• Assist in product training and operations training
• Ring up employee purchases within guidelines

• Adjustments of Inventory-Adjust out write-offs and dispose of them the same day. Complete other inventory adjustments as necessary and provide proper documentation.
• Returns- Complete/oversee that in-person or mail returns are being processed properly
• Store Supplies- Ring up store supply items properly
• Suppliers- Write manual checks to suppliers as needed and complete proper paperwork
• Shipping/Receiving- If shipping clerk is out, let in deliveries, count total number of boxes being delivered, and write on log
• Over-ride Prices- If items do not scan at the proper price, price override. Fix markdown items in the system.
• Customer Incident Reports-Fill out a customer incident report for any customer accidents that happen in the store
• Emergency-Call 911 for any emergency, or the non-emergency FWPD line for less-serious events
• Sensormatic- Check at the front when the Sensormatic Alarm goes off for the reason
• Bar-Order proper bar stock on Monday mornings
• Extended holds-Must have manager approval with manager initials
• Posters in window- Oversee that they are Stockyards-related
• Discounts-Approve discounts within limited monthly discount budgets
• Donations- Refer requests to owner

• Closing Time-Manager determines when it is time to lock the doors. Instruct sales associates when to being closing duties (not before closing time.) Closing duties should never be seen by customers.
• Count Drawers- Count all cash, check and credit card slips in drawers. Properly complete paperwork and enter totals in to Counterpoint.
• Checks- Settle Securechex at the end of the day if any checks have been accepted as payment that day
• Check Resources- Ensure all computers are logged out of Counterpoint so that system can update
• Shipping Door-Make sure door is locked nightly and bolted
• Trash-Must be put out every evening after closing. No trash should be left in the building. Bottles should be placed next to the door.
• Lights-Turn off all lights. Ensure second floor lights are turned off.
• Alarm-Should be set nightly
• Front Door-Both doors must be locked nightly
• Fire Hazards- Check store for all fire hazards before leaving including candles, display lights, coffee pot, and hat steamer
• Phone-Turn on night ring

Weekly MOD Jobs

• Timecards-Review, correct any clocking errors, and print timecards every Sunday morning. Attach to prior week's schedule and send up in daily drawer for payroll.
• Manager Meetings-Attend manager meetings on Thursday mornings, unless excused prior to the meeting

Monthly MOD Jobs

• Assist in monthly store meetings
• Assist in sales performance data
• Assist in hiring
• Assist in training

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